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The confiscation of countrywide belongings at fire-sale rates by creditors proceeds after Goldman Sachs imposed a bond situation deliberately schemed to lead to countrywide individual bankruptcy. John Perkins could use Greece for instance. Congress could discover no Erroneous in Goldman. Trump has even put 10-15 former Goldman personnel in key spots. Ref.

The 1% will commit tons of cash on TV adverts advertising their candidates and attacking the candidates in the ninety nine%. A good way to counter all that money should be to depend the advertisements to find out which applicant is promoted and that is attacked via the adverts.

Our hopes for an job interview with Hasenfus didn’t work out, but Sandinista officers did let's look at the flight data and other documents that they had recovered within the aircraft. As Barger talked which has a senior Nicaraguan officer, I rapidly copied down the entries from copilot Wallace “Excitement” Sawyer’s flight logs.

I'm a sixty six year old layman record buff fatigued While using the bubble gum news we recieve on the major community news.

What about the Kabbalah’s description of Gentiles as animals who must be slaughtered prior to “buy” can be restored? That concept just isn't a minority feeling but basic to how Kabbalah structures God, Israel, and also the universe.

When I was a youthful reporter, I had been taught that there were almost always two sides to some Tale and often far more. I was expected to seek out those different views, not dismiss them or faux they didn’t exist.

Once your vote was counted electronically at the last election, Did you know who wrote, checked or owned the software program? And do you know who supervised the vote depend? No, it had been all carried out in the dead of night of cyberspace, unchecked.

u o r e – d e l l a – n u o v a – m e s s a – a l i a s – s a n t a – m e m o r i a – d i – f r a – c r i s t o file o r o / (This is certainly Italian language website internet site, check out language selector to your higher right facet to change to English)

I've study your books and also have valued your get the job done for many many years. I am so sorry to hear of the stroke and hope that you get back your health and fitness. You're a good journalist and we all owe you a huge personal debt don't just of gratitude but to embody values like yours within our individual lives and professions.

It is just a technological know-how that takes advantage of subliminal programming that is certainly carried over Ultra-Substantial Frequency (UHF) broadcast waves, planting inaudible messages right into the subconscious human intellect. Perfected a lot more than 20 decades in the past by the DoD and battlefield-examined upon Iraqi soldiers while in the Gulf War all through 1991, SSSS is actually a confirmed weapon. The US Federal government has options to extend the range of this technologies to envelop all peoples, all nations around the world by way of BBG broadcasts. SSSS is totally undetectable by Those people getting focused and it provides its subliminal programming directly to the human brain by way of the auditory sense at frequencies that human beings are incapable of perceiving as seem, there isn't a defense towards it.

You can find now an accelerating interest among conservatives and Christians in what the Koran teaches about “infidels.” Most are eager to debate how the internal teachings of Islam’s most sacred literature could assist explain Global Arab terrorism.

The medieval Rothschild Financial institution would create a line of credit history for the King furnished the King would challenge a composed guarantee to pay gold, with interest, to your lender at a time Down the road. The e-book-entry Rothschild credit score could be accustomed to pay for obligations incurred with the king which might then circulate in the kingdom in between retailers into perpetuity. The lender would offer the king’s assure of gold which might be held by purchasers as an fascination bearing expense. The assure might be renewed on its maturing date and proceed to be rolled-more than.

Gone are the times every time a thinly disguised British war ship could be loaded with five hundred tons of military services explosives then filled with American passengers who were comforted by assurances from your US federal government of their security. The Lusitania was stripped of wowitloveithaveit naval escort and ordered to cut back pace and do away with evasive maneuvering since it entered the enemy submarine infested place.

This also contradicts the “BUK idea”, since photos taken with the wreckage of MH-seventeen clearly show only minor damage to the area with the airplane. Which happens to be the 2nd explanation why MH-17 can't be introduced down by a BUK missile.

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